Eyelash Treatment (Lumigan)

For thicker, longer lashes.


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What is Lumigan?

Lumigan is the brandname for Brimatoprost, a prescription only medication found to increase eyelash growth by 100%.


Lumigan is applied to the upper eye lids once a night using an applicator. Please ensure your face is clean with no makeup prior to application.

When will I notice a difference?

You will start to see results from 8 weeks, though maximal results are noted after week 16. From week 12 it is recommended to use Lumigan every other night.

Potential side effects

Overall Lumigan is a safe effective treatment for eyelash growth. Side affects are rare, however itching, skin darkening, and dryness of the eyes has been reported in some individuals. A less common side effect includes irreversible darkening on the Iris (1 in 2000 chance).

Full consultation is required before prescription of Lumigan.

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